What people are saying about Seabung

Job done!

The outlet ball valve on my boat's heads manages to seize up every three or four years. Matters recently came to a head when I went cruising with my daughter and two friends. The partially open seized seacock got well and truly bunged up. On purchasing a new ball valve from my local chandlery I was offered a new product called Seabung. This would hopefully save me having to plug the orifice temporarily from outside the boat – not an easy task, requiring either a swim or a long reach underwater.

Seabung is designed to be inserted through an open valve once the hose has been removed. In my case as the valve was seized in a largely closed position I had to unscrew the valve and then quickly insert the Seabung through the skin fitting. The flow of water immediately stopped as the water pressure forced the bung’s large flexible circular flange against the hull. I was then able to fit the new valve without any concern about water flooding in. Once the valve was securely tight I withdrew the bung and quickly close the valve. I could then add the hose connector and reattach the hose. Job done! Saved me a swim or lift out.

Alex Bell
Practical Boat Owner Magazine

Standout product

The year’s standout product addressing a known problem simply.

Bill Dixon
International Yacht Designer

What a great invention

Finally got my Seabung today, a few people I know all were saying don't try and change your seacock why the boat is in the water, but I went ahead and changed it, the seacock itself was totally blocked so I removed the whole thing and used the Seabung through the skin fitting - it worked a treat - stopped the water from coming in, changed the seacock ... what a great invention.

Stephen Ball

Really impressed

I was talking about seacocks to a local marine engineer and he asked me if I had heard about Seabung. He told me that he always keeps one on his boat and swears by it, he’s changed several seacocks on boats in the water and is really impressed.

Alan Peddar
Skipper, QEF Jubilee